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If you don't know how install Photoshop follow the tutorial from this article

Tutorial Resources

For this tutorial we are going to use the beautiful Spring Bird tit by Jill Wellington you can get a copy from the attachments on the bottom of this article.

Using the action

  1. Once you follow the installation steps you can see the folder Paint Pro 4 on your Actions Panel.
  2. Open the photo from this tutorial on Photoshop or use any other photography.
  3. We are going to adjust our image to 3000px wide if the image it's bigger than that.
  4. This it's really easy to use, you only need to select any of the 3 actions depending on what quality you wanna get from the action.
  5. For this example we are going to start with the action 03 - Lower Performance.

  6. Now you need to wait a couple of seconds or minutes depending on your computer till the action finish to process the layers and the picture.
  7. Once the Paint its finish you're going to end with a photo just like this, if you're using your own photo the finish can be different.

  8. Now, select again the Background layer; now we are going to use the action 01 - High Performance.
  9. We wait again until the process finish and we are going to hide the top Paint Pro 4 folder just to check the results.
  10. If everything goes fine, you're going to end with a new paint with more details than the previous one.

  11. You can unhide the top folder again and select it.
  12. While the top folder it's selected press the mask button on the Layers window.

  13. Now using Black as primary color, select a circular brush with any size you prefer.
  14. With the brush we are going to hide almost all the paint from the face in order to leave a more detailed version from it.


At the end this is your paint, work with it, play with the results, every paint it's going to be different, just get fun with the action and experiment.

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