Latest Updates
PainterBox and new Actions update
Posted by Uriel Albarran Oropeza on 05 October 2020 05:20 AM

Since September 2020 we start to upgrade all our actions and the way you can use and install them, for this purpose we create PainterBox.

PainterBox it's a Photoshop Panel where you can use directly all our actions, every one of them come with an installer this in other to prevent issues where the user forgot to add any of the brushes or patterns included with every action, also to avoid any error related with the system language.

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Cartoonize Update
Posted by Uriel Albarran Oropeza on 05 October 2019 03:59 PM

Today we release an update for our Photoshop Action Cartoonize, in order to remove some unused functions and make it work better with the latests versions of Photoshop 2019

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New Support website
Posted by Uriel Albarran Oropeza on 12 July 2019 06:10 AM

After some issues related with our Wordpress support website, now we're starting fresh with a new support ticket system to help faster to all our clients.

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